February 16, 2024

How to celebrate; the Secret Meet way!

Ever since 2019 we've chosen to celebrate a certain manufacturer, model or era, and in true Secret Meet fashion, we don't do these things by halves!

Back then, our first anniversary was to celebrate 110 years of Bugatti. We had 8 Bugatti's join us in 2019 for our first Secret Meet at Donington Park, with a three Veyrons, three Chirons, a Veyron Super Sport World Record Edition and a spectacular ex Sultan of Brunei EB110 Super Sport.

In 2020, we celebrated the Ferrari F50 and 2021 was the Diablo - both with 6 variants joining us each year.

2022 was our most exciting and adventurous celebration yet, with it being 75 years of Ferrari our aim was to bring together 75 Ferrari 'F Cars' but we 'only' managed 50 cars, with all of the big five represented from the 288 GTO through to LaFerrari and Monza SP2. Not only that, we had two of the ex Sultan of Brunei cars, the black RHD 288 GTO and the grey RHD F40, amongst other stand out cars was a Nero and a Rosso Rubino F50, oh and 20+ F40s, 6 F50s, 4 Enzos and 4 LaFerraris. Let's be honest though, we are splitting hairs here and every car on the grid that day was jaw dropping! 

Our 2023 celebration almost didn't happen, we chose 20 years of the Carrera GT however this was amidst the start of the 'Stop use' campaign, so with 30 cars confirmed initially, we were down to single figures after the news emerged. However thankfully, as owners started to understand the full picture and the likely implications, confirmations started to roll in again and we still can't believe we had 20 cars in the end, with 19 on track for the parade.

What's the plan for 2024? Well it is not the Jaguar XJR15, so you will have to wait and see!

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