February 16, 2024

My top 10 cars from 2023!

At the helm planning Secret Meet year on year is a challenge I absolutely LOVE. Year on year, striving to bring together the very best cars from road and track. It's position that's been well earned and we have no plans to slow down any time soon!

And each year, our guests ask "how will you better that line up". Well year on year we manage it and 2023 was no exception!

Therefore I wanted to share with you my top 10 cars from 2023 - cars that were all a first for Secret Meet and cars we've been aching to have at the event.

One thing you are guaranteed at Secret Meet is the sheer variety, there is literally something for everyone. I have based this top 10 on the excitement levels that I felt when each car confirmed their attendance!

Number 10 - Not just a GMA T50, but test driver Dario Franchitti!
Number 9 - Aston Martin Valkryie AMR Pro, a car we've wanted to see at the Secret Meet for a couple of years and we were all treated to an ear bashing from this one with Darren Turner at the wheel!
Number 8 - Nothing to see here, just an official SLK55 AMG F1 pace car - does it get much cooler?
Number 7 - McLaren Harrods F1 GTR. Finished 3rd at Le Mans in 1995 and one of two McLaren F1's at the 2023 event!
Number 6 - McLaren MP4/15 - Without doubt peak F1 with that epic V10 soundtrack from 2000!
Number 5 - The UK's first customer Mercedes AMG ONE joined us and caused quite the stir!
Number 4 - Ferrari 550 Prodrive. The very first Ferrari 550 Maranello Prodrive built, developed and campaigned by the Works Prodrive team. This is a car I have been trying to get to the event for YEARS! And a car I never thought we'd have. Such an iconic race car from 1999!
Number 3 - The top three is the equivalent of unicorn spotting! First up, a Ferrari 288 Evoluzione and the only road legal example of the five cars.
It says something when you have an epic and unbelievably rare Mercedes CLK GTR Roadster at number 2!
At number one, the most elusive GT1 car of them all and the first time this car has made it to an event in a dynamic capacity! The mighty TVR Cerbera Speed 12!
Global Telemetrics
Red Bull
First Point
JBR Capital
RM Sotheby's

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