June 11, 2024

Your Guide to Silverstone GP

Driving the Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit is an adrenaline-charged experience that offers challenges and thrills to both amateur and professional drivers alike. As one of the most iconic race tracks in the world, it requires a blend of skill, precision, and courage to navigate its twists and turns effectively.

Here's a simple guide to driving the Silverstone GP circuit:

Know the layout

It’s important to familiarise yourself with the layout, the GP circuit consists of 3.66 miles (5.89km) long consisting of fast straights, sweeping corners and technical sections. If you want on-hand professional instruction on the day to help you learn the braking zones and potential overtaking opportunities in your car, get in touch with the team!

Master the corners

Take time to learn the correct racing line for each corner to maintain optimal speed and stability in your car. Be prepared for high-speed corners like Copse, Maggots, and Becketts, corners like these require commitment and precision.

Enjoy the straights

Utilise the long straights such as Hangar Straight and Wellington Straight to build up speed and safely pass other vehicles. Remember you should always overtake with consent when it is safe, there are no trophies for any demon manoeuvres on a track day! Don’t forget the braking points at the end of the straights to allow for safe cornering and exit speed.


Adapt to changing conditions

It’s no secret that the British weather doesn’t promise glorious sunshine in June. Just look at the torrential rainfall we experience at Secret Meet 2023. If the heaven open and dampens the track, be sure to adapt your driving technique as your line will need to adapt for maximum control and grip.

Master technique

Smoothness is the key to a fast lap, sudden steering and aggressive throttle and braking will unsettle the car and hamper your experience. Always approach each session by building speed on each lap. Cold tyres and pushing too hard on the first out lap are notoriously the cause of many visits to the gravel, don’t be a hero!

On the day

If you’re new to Silverstone, track days or even have a new car for the event, feel free to tap into the expertise of our Driver Coaching team available to pre book only. Listen to the marshals and track team who are on hand to keep you safe and ensure you enjoy your Secret Meet experience.

Alternatively, if you don’t wish to drive on track but wish to jump in as a passenger keep an eye out for some of our partners offering hot laps throughout the day. Please remember, all passengers must sign on and pay for a wristband to be allowed on track.

JBR Capital
Global Telemetrics
RM Sotheby's
Red Bull
First Point

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